Earn money by selling online

Its fairly easy to earn money by creating an online store or website. You dont even have to sell to create you own website, you can sell items on eBay.com. They charge a percentage of each item you sell, but its worth it as you have access to millions of potential customers and you dont need to know anything about creating a website. I'd recommend creating an account and get started by selling a few low prices items, just to get used to how it works.

This is a big topic and I don’t want this post getting very long. The main point that I would like to impart is that one can start a store online and reach a lot more customers than the one’s being served by your local malls. The beauty of this very legal scheme is that one can do it almost without spending a single cent.

What does it have to do with making huge amounts of money online? Well, products and services can now be traded across the globe more freely through internet based transactions and the profit potential is so huge. Theoretically, an online marketplace can land a previous nobody on the top of Forbes’ list of richest people in the world. An example would be, what if one can effectively market his mom’s special cake and sell one loaf to 1/4th of the world’s population through the internet (at a profit of $1/loaf)? And what if, those clients decide to reorder once a year? Computing the bank interests to be gained from the annual profit would surely be enough to make Bill Gates wish that he studied baking breads instead of blurring his eyesight by spending hours in front of his computer.

Furthermore, capital requirements for this kind of businesses can be as low as the cost of being online. For instance one can buy cheap (online store) software that makes it possible to immediately start selling any good or service. If you don’t want to spend anything, you may always open an account with sites like eBay.com and avail of its beautiful system. The only cost would come in the form of commissions that a seller will have to give eBay (only after a sale has been consummated). Another option would also be selling through both eBay and your own website.

How do you get paid? Open a Paypal account (it’s FREE!) and that will automatically enable you to accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal payments. This will also enable both the buyers and sellers to process and conclude the transactions easily. For tips on how to sign in to Paypal, please click this link. A registration link is also in that post.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

To be able to optimize your resources, you may opt to sell items before buying it. How do you do that? First, get a seller to agree to sell you their products and services for a price. Add your projected costs and intended profit. Advertise the goods in your marketplace (eBay or your own site) and as soon as you get an order and payment from your customers, you may now buy the goods and ship it to the customers. Here’s one advice: To make your life easier, never include the shipping cost in the price. You may simply note in your site that the shipping costs will be on the buyer’s account meaning, they will pay the courier themselves.

The types of goods that can be effectively sold in online marketplaces include:

1. Items that are regularly needed.
2. Gadgets (it seems that everybody is wanting to buy the latest cellular phones and iPods, these days).
3. Items that are in fashion (like the latest designer shoes and shirts).
4. Items that are not commonly available (collectors stamps, card collections, commemorative posters, paintings, native handicraft, etc..).
5. Photos (you may have taken thousands of nice photos already).
6. Anything of value (check the items being sold at eBay to give you an idea.

Earn Money everytime you receive a Phone Call

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