Vending Machine Alternatives!

If you would like a simple business that has the potential to generate a full time income then you may want to consider an honor vending Box business.

Honor vending boxes are simply predesigned cardboard boxes that contain snack food items such as chips, candy bars and such. There is a coin box built into the vending box that allows customers to pay for their purchases on the honor system.

The best places to place these boxes are medium to small businesses or offices. Car sales offices and real estate offices are also good locations for this type of snack vending system. The honor vending boxes are usually placed in the break rooms or reception areas.

You will need to refill your honor vending boxes at least weekly. You will also want to keep a good variety of snacks in your vending boxes and check to be sure that they are always fresh.

Often times businesses will have the room for an honor vending box in their business where a traditional vending machine will not work.

The investment to get started in an honor vending business is very minimal compared to a traditional vending machine route. Snack products are generally marked up at least 100 percent so the profit potential is very good for an honor vending business.

The honor vending business is a great full time or part time business with an excellent profit potential.