How to get paid for Reading Emails

Hits4Pay is one of the few companies which pays the highest in the industry. You can earn a monthly check from the efforts of 2 levels. All credits are recorded in real time and can be viewed from your members area 24/7.

1. Signup Reward: Earn $10 in your Hits4Pay account as soon as you Sign-up.

2. Direct Income: Earn $0.02. Earn $0.02 for each advertiser's email that you read from us.

3. Direct Referral Income (level one): Earn $0.01. Refer us to a few friends and earn $0.01 for each email that they read. You will get credit for your direct referral reading emails.

4. Referral Income: (level two): Earn $0.01. When your direct referrals refer others, you earn $0.01 for them reading the emails we send them.

5. Payout: Any account that has reached the minimum payout of $25.00 or more will be zeroed out on the 1st of every month, and checks mailed out on or before the 15th.

Checks are sent directly to your mailing address on the 15th of each month as soon as the balance in your account reaches $25. If your balance does not reach the minimum then your balance will roll over till it does.

And you already get $10.00 credited to your account when you sign up! It may not all sound like much, but trust me it adds up quick!

Data Entry work at home

Last updated 25-March-2008

There are lots of data entry jobs out there, but this seems to be an area where the scammers operate the most, so you may find that 99% of search engine results will be scams. I've included lots of links to some very good information websites and also links to the companies who are actually looking to hire people.


Working from Home Jobs

Completing Online Surveys

This following are some more genuine and reliable companies which do paid online surveys:

NPD Online Research allow you the chance to win prizes in exchange for completing surveys. Most surveys are very easy and short.

You earn cash for eash survey completed, and once you have $5 in your account you can then transfer that to paypal.

Harris Poll reward survey taker with points, and these points can them be redeemed for a variety of items.

The American Consumer Opinion Panel pay you cash to complete online surveys, they have a good reputation. Average is usually $3 up to $23 for each completed survey. Payment is sent by cheque every month.